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About 'O' My G: Series









'O' My G is a series of imaginative stories that sheds light on the world of those born different, and takes you on the adventurous tale of one little boy who paints his most difficult differences in an uplifting light. 

The 'O' My G: Book Series is inspired by Gabriel, the spunky, energetic, courageous little toddler in the authors life. The first book, 'Discovering Me' takes readers on the journey of Gabriel and his parents as they navigate receiving the diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease. 

This book encourages hope, faith, inspiring others to ask questions, and learning to appreciate the differences they learn about others.

We are all different and unique by design, but sometimes you may find out that your differences are the same as mine.

The first book in the series , 'Discovering Me' teaches children about sickle cell anemia, family and faith lending an uplifting voice to the sickle cell story found in children literature.

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"This is certainly not just another story book you read at bedtime to your kids, but a book which gives you insight on sickle cell disease. Gio is so into this book he couldn't get enough of it. We are hoping there would be another [book] out soon so we can continue reading."


"The illustration is great! With bright vivid colors that kept kai entertained. The storyline is even better. I believe all can benefit from reading this book, parent and child alike- as we appreciate we are all born different but each one is very special."


"I didn't know about Sickle Cell before I read this book. It opened me up to a different experience and left me wondering, how I could help." It made such a complicated issue, easy to explain to my kids.

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Written for children everywhere


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